Hitech Security is a local Perth Company that specialises in CCTV Security Systems. We install, maintain and monitor all types of CCTV surveillance systems 
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CCTV Security Systems

  • Why Invest in CCTV Security Cameras?

    As a business owner, you have a duty of care and a personal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for yourself and your employees.  The installation of a quality  CCTV camera system will provide the following advantages to your business

    • Save Money  Theft Prevention due to the increased likelihood of getting caught 
    • Consequences  Quality Vision  increases the likelihood of offender prosecution
    • Save Time  Instant Visibility  of your workplace from any location with internet access

  • Why Choose HI-Tech Security?

    We are an expert CCTV security system company.  We specialise in the supply and installation of state of the art CCTV cameras and systems throughout Western Australia. CCTV is used extensively throughout the Perth metropolitan area to create an environment where people feel safe and businesses can prosper. Our team of certified technicians work daily installing new camera systems for clients looking to protect what is important to them.

    • Industry Experts  State of the Art security camera system for your business
    • Customer Focus  We Care  about exceeding your level of expectation
    • Quality Guaranteed  We're Not Happy  unless you are completely satisfied

    • Our After Sales Servcie Program Cannot Be Matched

      As a business security system company we feel that once your security system has been installed, this is only the beginning of our relationship with you. We will continue to build our relationship with you well after your purchase date to ensure the ongoing success of your surveillance system. 

      • Personal Visits    At Your Business from one of our technicians
      • Personal Contact   A Dedicated Person you can count on at any time
      • Personal Responsibility   Our Commitment  to you

    6 Ways We Can Help You Right Now
    HI-Tech Security Services
    • Protect Business and Residential Properties - Investing in the best CCTV camera system to protect what is important to you even when you aren't there.
    • Detection & Monitoring Services - We design, install, service, and monitor everything from basic, single-user commercial alarm systems to fully integrated systems that incorporate alarms, access control and CCTV for multiple locations. 
    • Consultancy to help prevent crime and vandalism - We work with you to determine your exact security needs, offering the most cost effective and strategic solutions.
    • Our Servicing Area - We install CCTV Cameras to businesses within the greater Perth region and major commercial hubs in Western Australia.
    • 24/7 Maintenance and repair of existing CCTV systems - No matter the time, or style of CCTV security system, we'll be there to assist you when you need us.
    • Upgrading existing Camera systems to meet Australian industry standards - We are always up to date with market leading security information and can assist you in ensuring you have the most reliable and results driven CCTV Security system available for your budget.

    We understand what you would like to achieve, and we have the necessary skillsets and experience to deliver those results.  Whilst there may be other commercial security alarm companies that can also deliver on this outcome, there are none that can match us when it comes to our Customer Service Level, nor the level of satisfaction you will experience, both now and well after your installation date. 

    We value our customers and understand that without you, we don’t have a business, and that is why we go to great lengths to ensure you are completely satisfied in every aspect of your purchase; the installation; and most importantly, the level of support you receive well into the future. 

    Inside The Installation:
    What To Expect When you Work With Us

    • We work with your or a member of your team to determine the best CCTV security system that:
      • Delivers your desired outcome 
      • Operates efficiently and effectively 
      • Delivers the most optimal results
      • Meets your desired budget level without compromising on quality
    • We create an installation plan that: 
      • Minimises any disruptions to your daily business activity
      • Involves your key staff in order to again a full working knowledge of the security system
      • Delivers the agreed upon result within the advised timeframe
    • We train your staff so that they:
      • Completely understand the CCTV camera system
      • Can independently conduct system problem solving techniques
      • Can monitor, maintain anad manage the CCTV system

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